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  • Lighting Design, Calculations, and Simulations:

Light can't be seen until it interacts with the surfaces and textures of the built or natural environment. From there we can begin to work on the differences between quanity and quality of light based on the application and design intent.

With lighting design experience in retail, institutional, commercial, sports, and residential applications our designs will meet your requirements. While the calculations work to optimize and quantify the expected illumination levels and associated energy efficiency mandates, we use simulations (renderings) to provide our clients with a visual perspective of the solution for more productive dialog during the preliminary design phase.

  • Life Safety Systems:

This scope includes exit signage, emergency lighting, and fire alarm system design to meet the specific Code requirements of a space or building. These systems work to provide occupant as well as premises protection. We have an NFPA Certified Fire Protection Specialist on staff to address your project's requirements.

  • Lightning Protection Systems:

Design of Lighting Protection Systems (LPS) are becoming more important as it appears the frequency and intensity of lightning activity is increasing worldwide. Axiom Engineering follows a series of defined steps in the implementation of our LPS designs: (1) Discharge Collection to capture the strike or charge; (2) Distribution and Direction of the Discharge to redirect a charge in a controlled manner; (3) Dissipation of Discharge safetly away from the building and occupants into Earth; (4) Building Service Protection to reduce impact to building electrical equipment and other sensitive equipment; and (5) Lightning Warning System for applications where lightning strikes can be unusually hazardous to a facility or event.

Axiom Engineering is one of a few firms that execute complete LPS design drawings and we've implemented designs for airport applications, golf clubhouse buildings, church steeples, telecom tower sites, and historic sites.

  • High Voltage Distribution Systems and
     Incoming Power Services and Upgrades:

Modern electrical installations require a higher load density than many older or differently-purposed buildings that may not have the appropriate capacity
to carry these loads. Power service upgrades may become necessary to meet the new power requirements.

Working with the local public utility and the electrical inspection authority, anticipated load requirements are established and a power service upgrade solution is generated working within the confines of any project limitations.

  • Emergency Power Systems:

For high-rise buildings, mission-critical data or disaster recovery centres, or other essential applications, emergency power is required. Axiom Engineering provides solutions incorporating emergency UPS / inverter systems and emergency generator applications for your essential power service requirements.

Where emergency generator systems form part of a building's life safety power requirements, there are Code required listings for the equipment and specific distribution equipment configurations that must be provided to be compliant. We've implemented many generator systems in a wide variety of ratings and configurations and can help you through the available options and features that should be part of your installation.

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